Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction


Life is hectic and many times, we may feel that we need some assistance and someone who will listen to what we are enduring and perhaps offer solutions to some of problems. 

Spiritual and Life help is here to do just that.  We offer spiritual and life assistance.  Spiritual Direction is incredibly important in our society today because this ministry is a ministry of listening, discernment and prayer in a confidential setting.  You will receive encouragement and compassion during your Spiritual Direction sessions and this type of ministry is so helpful with building a sustaining relationship with our Father in Heaven. 

Life is difficult.  Many of us may need someone who can encourage us and listen to what we are enduring and offer advice when dealing with difficult situations.  It is important that you have a strong network in which you could go to when you are struggling with life issues.  We offer life coaching and we are here for the sole purpose of your well being. 

Please review the website and we look forward to working closely with you!!  Also, please note that Spiritual Direction is given over the phone and so therefore, you do not have to worry about the distance between us. 

Bishop James Long

Executive Chancellor - United States Old Catholic Church

We all need someone that we can trust.  In our lives, we are constantly challenged emotionally and spiritually and Spiritual Direction offers you an opportunity to speak with clergy in a confidential setting.

What to discuss?

1.any spiritual matter

2.Personal faith issues

3.Spiritual Growth and Development

4.Learn how to pray

5.Learn different styles of prayer


Your spiritual direction will remain completely confidential and Bishop Long is a Spiritual Director that does not judge